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“cw your covid posts” is my personal manchurian candidate trigger phrase

@omni happ birth

Screw Jesus, this entire month gonna be your birthday so it can be extra nice

Thinking about those obviously AI generated sites already covering the first page of google search results and how reading it makes me worried im having a stroke or some kind of nervous breakdown

listen you may criticize me for using a crossposting app and never engaging with anybody but it is vitally important that i get the widest reach with the blandest posts youve ever seen

With the right timing and dosage, spicy food can burn away all your bad feelings and replace them with pain, which is then slowly replaced with relief. It's wonderful. Plants give us so much

If you want to stop AI from hurting artists, don't try to persuade people not to use it. Instead teach boomers how to make Minion memes with it. Nothing will kill the AI vibe faster than Carol in accounts receivable thinking it's cool

If you're going to drive recklessly around the scene of a car wreck, if you hit someone aim for the cop and leave the EMTs alone

A new kind of guy who doesn't want to wait for emergency medical personnel to get to the horrible car wreck on the other side of the intersection and has no problem with potentially hitting them in front of a cop

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Dude didn't even want to wait for the EMT to cross the intersection fully before speeding out into it

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I wish the guy in the SUV with the bad attitude a very drive into a tree

me: lol just killing
you: don't you mean just kidding

It hit me this morning that often what I find frustrating in discussions around "intellectual property", piracy, large datasets for training things like CLIP, &c. is that IP is a really really poor substitute for actually useful conversations around consent and respect

Like Elsevier asking me to "pwease no steal uwu" about journal articles is very different than, like, an individual selling self-published books on the side saying "hey I need this money to pay rent, so please purchase it legit"

An artist saying "hey I don't like for-profit companies building generators from my work that I posted to deviant art" is very different than Disney cracking down on people making shit with characters they "own".

Someone saying "hey this is really personal work, I don't really want it passed around and edited without my consent" is not the same as pebbleyeet getting mad at anti-fash edits of his comics.

IP is bullshit but that doesn't mean we have to take unnuanced all-or-nothing approaches to things.

That would be like saying if you want to support squatters taking over an airbnb then you can't have a lock on your bathroom door: it's conflating such wildly different things that it's a little silly.

i linked a cursed image at @magicalmilly and now they aren't talking to me

it could just be they went to go potty or get dinner but

it was probably the image

you think you're so cool but my mommy made me bacon wrapped chicken

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