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“cw your covid posts” is my personal manchurian candidate trigger phrase

someday when we own a home we are tearing up the lawn and replacing it with rock, soil, and pollinators

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if you don't live in the areas of the US that have St. Augustine, you don't Truly understand what landscaping hell is like

my dream is to be a tiny mexican man on a very large riding mower just zooming around chewing out shitty grass

fuck you, grass!

When I worked at McDonald's we were allowed to give customers free waters to entice them to order more food because the cups are like pennies on the dollar so instead I would just fill up free large cups of water with ice and give them to the homeless people who came into the restaurant to use our Wi-Fi and air conditioning so management would think that they are paying customers

Like these are things that people can do there's really no excuse to just f*** over a panhandler in front of your business

Also she's out in front of a fast food place why the f*** isn't the manager expensing a huge cup of water and just giving it to her

I don't know how anyone who has a lot of money could look at her and not give her whatever amount of money she needs to just be able to go home or go someplace cool

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There is a lady panhandling with her baby and I feel so bad I don't have money to give her

The heat index is literally 100° outside right now

Got a coupon for a free hamburgems at what a burger less gooooooooooo

I had to explain to her that sometimes things take a really long time to heal and she just was staring at me like are you going to be okay??? Precious baby

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Yesterday Lucille got super concerned because she noticed my surgery scar on my elbow and wanted to make sure I was okay I'm really going to miss this kid

I'm so tired today you can tell me the sky is falling and I would believe you

people memed on morbius so hard its coming back to theaters

enjoy your shitty movie starring a sexual predator ig

"try turning motion smoothing off" that's my secret cap i turn it off the minute i set up a new tv

every time

i turn it off when i visit places too and just turn it back on every time when i leave

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this is no shade at those people i just... literally cannot. like. physically.

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